RC5 compatible programmable IR sender and RC5 receiver/decoder

I had to repair my TV set some time ago (the horizontal flyback died). After changing the flyback (I used a HR Diemen 8368 as spare) and the HOT (BU508DF) the box was up again. After all I wanted to enter it's service mode to check settings. It turned out that it is possible to enter the service mode by sending the RC5 command "29" to the set. Since the standard remote control does not feature this command, the only way seemed to be buying a special service remote control.

But of course I didn't want to spend a lot of money on this so I tried to develop my own RC5-compatible remote control. I wanted it to be configurable (by DIP switches) and RC5-compatible. And because I was in this topic already I wanted to analyse some of the remote controls gathered around here, so I wanted to have a RC5 receiver and decoder (with LCD display).

First I thought about using a PIC for this, but then I remembered the Atmel AT90S2313 I already encountered in the QRG-Keyboard project and the powerful BASCOM (see above). Luckily all routines needed for these two projects (RC5 send and receive, LCD-control, etc.) are ready-made in the libraries, so these little helpers were rather easy to complete.

If you are interested in these tools - see the RC5SMX2 sender and the RC5RX decoder package. They both contain a simple scheme, the source and a ready-to-use hex-file.

They are free to use as long as credits are given in your source code.