Hello and welcome to my long-awaited (?) new web site :-) ...

I've been thinking about a new design for ages and started about 4 years ago, but everything else was more important in the meantime. Now I'm going to give it another try.

I hope you'll still find everything that was placed on the old-style site. If not, you can step back to the old site - but be aware this service might be shut down soon.

Don't expect something stunning with Flash, Java, *script, etc. blabla ... I don't like sites that live from the show. I just want to publish one or another story because someone might be interested in it, and that's why I decided to set up a very simple CMS without all this "top-level web-design rubbish" and tons of graphics to load initially. You don't mind because you've got a DSL or T1 line or even better network access? Me, too, but others might not have.

If you like my web design - good! If you don't I'm sorry, but I almost for sure won't change it ;-) ...



If you are looking for "KINZI (THAILAND) CO.,LTD" please go to their web-site at http://www.kinzi.com/ since I have nothing to do with them.