A (modified) PLL for ATV with the U6223

Ingo Rackow, DF1OG has published a PLL for ATV in CQ DL 3/96 (page 194) using the U6223 IC manufactured by TEMIC. His design uses a PIC 16C54 (source code / HEX-file) to control the PLL. Since the 16C54 needs a parallel programmer (the TAIT programmer for instance) it's a bit complicated to program. So I've adapted DF1OG's source code to a 16F84A. As reported by OE9FKI the PLL works fine also with the 16F84A. You can download the source and the HEX-file here.

Since it seems that information on this project isn't available on the internet I decided to scan every piece of documentation flying around here and publish it right here ... but be warned! This is for non-commercial, educational/amateur use ONLY!!! I am NOT the author and NOT the copyright owner, and I might be forced to remove this document at any time. See the last page of the PDF-file for details.

Please note:

I'm not sure about the status of DF1OG's project. The source mentions "public domain" and I downloaded the files from our local Packet-Radio BBS freely, so I think it's all free. Nevertheless I publish all information for educational purposes only !

I can't provide an eMail-address of DF1OG, I only have a PR eMail-address (df1og@dk0mav.deu.eu) but I'm not sure that it's still valid.

Use MPASM (freely available from Microchip) to compile my sources.