About me

My full name is Mario Kienspergher. I was born on May 4th, 1972 in Feldkirch, the most western city of Austria (that is the country in the heart of Europe, not that one with the kangaroos! :-) and have been living there for my whole life.

After primary and secondary school I attended the "HTL für Nachrichtentechnik und Elektronik" in Rankweil, a kind of college with special education in electronics and communication. I've been working since then as a IT system administrator in Windows and Linux environments, managing servers as well as desktops, notebooks and the LAN. You see - a bit of eveything :-) ...

In 1991 I became a Radio Amateur by passing the necessary tests and got my license with the callsign OE9MKV.

My nickname has always been "kinzi". I got it at secondary school when everyone was addressed by a abbrevation of his or her surname. They first gave me "Kiensi" but that version didn't look smart enough for me :-) , so I compressed it to "kinzi" (pronouce "kin" like in "kinetics" and "zi" like in "zebra").