Building a home

Our home was completed by November 2010 and we've been living in there since. You'll a few shots here, also showing the stairway for our cat "Felix" that I constructed in September 2011. Unfortunately Felix passed away in a car accident in January 2012, but our new cats Lucy and Leo use the stairway happily as well.

We started building a new home in spring 2010. Up to then we had been living in a flat, but we wanted to have a home that fits our needs.

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I also modified an old digicam to be controlled by a microcontroller (yes, you'd guess it's an ATmega8 :-) to take photos every 10 to 15 minutes during the days of construction. I then used mencoder to convert the JPEGs to an accelerated movie. It's quite funny to see the work of weeks or months in just three or four minutes. I tried to provide as many different video formats as I could imagine would be needed by all the visitors, just try them out, the one or other will run almost for sure on your PC, too.

Please note:

The videos are quite large and take some time to load, don't worry if they don't start immediately.